Community: celebrating positive relationships

CBC Fremantle has more than a century of experience in fostering a strong sense of community, and the College is now in the privileged position of benefitting from years of social commitment to the norms, values and goals attributed to this small pocket in Fremantle.

There are several factors that have contributed to the solid foundation of the CBC community, including the College's enduring faith and social justice traditions. Having a solid connection with St Patrick's Fremantle parish, and being a Catholic school in the tradition of Edmund Rice, means CBC continues to embrace values that have played a significant role in its entire history since the Christian Brothers first stepped into the original classrooms in 1901.

Celebrating these affiliations is an important part of College life. At the beginning of every year, the CBC community gathers for Opening Mass in the Cloisters, with more than 1,800 students, family and friends coming together for an affirmation of the faith values of the College.

Edmund Rice Day, held every May, encourages students to celebrate the philanthropy and vision of the founder of the Christian Brothers, and the College regularly invites the community to family Masses at the beautiful St Patrick's Basilica, encouraging everyone to benefit from its close relationship with the Parish.

Location has also played a large part in building the community identity of CBC Fremantle. The blue collar port city heritage intrinsically linked to the College's name has one of the proudest histories in the nation, inviting unswerving devotion from generations of Western Australians.

CBC's community was born from these serendipitous factors, but moving into the 21st century the College's relationships with its people remains a true reflection of the school's core values that are defined in everything it does.

Benefits of community

A community relationship is made up of support, encouragement, and diversity of opinion, but it is a sense of common identity that strengthens the whole fabric. Being part of a community affirms a sense of self even while belonging to a whole, similar to being part of a family, where recognising and appreciating differences is part of the unconditional acceptance of the relationship. Therefore it is not surprising that research shows that people who are engaged with a strong community display social and emotional competencies, and problem behaviours, including drug use and violence, are less prevalent. Students in schools with an effective community are more likely to be academically motivated and to display more ethical and altruistic values.

Students in schools with an effective community are more likely to be academically motivated and to display more ethical and altruistic values.

When a school community like CBC Fremantle meets the students' basic psychological needs to feel safe, valued, and supported, then there is a capacity for the individual to reach their potential and experience personal excellence. Extending one's self, taking risks and practising critical and objective self-evaluation teaches skills and habits imperative to successfully respond to challenges and build resilience. At CBC, the partnership between the College and parents is at the centre of its community, and crucial to achieving the potential of the young men whose futures are of the utmost importance to both parties. Committed to the common good, the College-family relationship is a powerful force in moulding tomorrow's gentlemen. Like parents, the College's commitment to the development of the young men in its care does not stop at the campus gates. When parents and caregivers see off their charges every morning, they don't relinquish their love, concern, hopes and fears for that boy until he finishes school at 3.15pm. Likewise, the College remains concerned with the wellbeing of students at all times and can be depended on for support and guidance.

Programmes including The Rite Journey, sport, music, art and service provide an avenue for the community to relate, and accentuate the common purpose of its members. The Visual and Performing Arts evenings; sporting carnivals and games; and engaging in service and attending College gatherings all combine to provide the students with leadership and altruistic purpose in the community, and consolidate the character of the CBC gentleman.